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fire fighters battling a blaze

In the absence of action at the federal level, California is moving ahead with aggressive steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to cap-and-trade, there are opportunities to offset emissions through changes in land management, such as preserving natural lands that sequester carbon. The Productive Landscapes Group at emLab is partnering with The Nature Conservancy to identify cost-effective land-based interventions that help to meet California's climate goals.

East Africa

cheetahs roaming through grassland

The Productive Landscapes Group at emLab is partnering with National Geographic to ensure the survival of cheetahs, lions, and leopards in East Africa. African big cat populations are in decline due in large part to the burgeoning human demand for livestock products and the resulting retaliatory killings after big cat/cattle depredation events. emLab is researching the effectiveness of mechanisms that align the incentives of local communities and conservationists, and mitigate conflicts between big cats and livestock.